Why Spornado?

Growers do their best to stay ahead of disease and spray fungicides regularly rather than risk the pathogen destroying their crop. This is a big expense – to the grower and to the environment. Still, crop loss due to fungal disease is common and costs the agricultural industry tens of millions every year.

The Spornado Sampler is an innovative, easy-to-use early crop disease alert system that helps growers detect harmful airborne diseases long before they impact the crop.


The Spornado is a wind-powered spore trap priced to work within your fungicide budget and can pay for itself in targeted pesticide use.

Easy to use

Spornado’s simple installation takes less than an hour, sample cassettes take only minutes to change once or twice a week, and test results are received within a day of receipt at the lab.

Better spray timing

The low-cost Spornado system allows growers to take some of the guesswork out of when to spray: apply pesticides when and where they’re needed to reduce overall operating costs while protecting the crop.

Increase yield

Improved prevention with Spornado can lead to reduced crop loss due to disease.


The Sampler operates solely using wind power and leads to much more targeted chemical pesticide use. Targeted pesticide use can also slow resistance of the disease to fungicides to prolong effectiveness.