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Spornado causes a whirlwind of new research

A device that helps alert growers to the presence of airborne pathogens has been popping up in some Alberta cereal and canola fields in the last couple of years.

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Detection and Connection, Keys to Success for No-Power Powerhouse in Fungal Disease Detection

It was more than five years ago that Kristine White, co-founder and President of Spornado, was approached by a large company to source a passive air sampler to detect fungal disease in crops.

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Spornado in a field

Spornado: Fast Results Mean Better Decision-Making on the Farm

People in agriculture need to make decisions fast as Mother Nature continually throws curve balls.

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It’s a Spornado! But that’s good news for cereal growers

New tool for detecting disease-causing spores being rolled out across the Prairies.

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Spornado Potato Field

Setting the Trap: Early Warnings of Late Blight Using Passive Spore Traps

Do passive spore traps provide an early warning of late blight to better time late blight-specific fungicides?

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Spornado CPMA Podcast

Spornado was discussed in this 2017 CPMA Podcast, “Produce Talks”.

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Spornado on Display Table

Simple and Effective Late Blight Detection

What if it could be determined in advance if late blight will be a problem. Time and money could be saved.

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