The founders of Spornado are experts in the sampling and detection of fungal pathogens, bound together by the vision of improving global sustainability.

Kristine White


Kristine was at the forefront of indoor sampling and remediation of fungal contamination for over 20 years. Her experience in managing large business units & national technical teams at environmental engineering firms has given her the leadership abilities to guide Spornado from a small one-season project into the company we have today.

Michael Saleh


Mike has spent his career solving fungal problems for customers from a variety of sectors. He obtained his master’s degree in public health specializing in fungal air sampling and has managed a microbiological laboratory for over 10 years. He is the lead designer of the Spornado air sampler.

James Scott


James has a PhD in plant pathology. He has a distinguished career as a professor at University of Toronto specializing in fungal biology in both the indoor and outdoor environment. James is a successful entrepreneur as the owner of an analytical microbiology lab for over 20 years, which is on the cutting edge of detection of fungi via molecular biology.